Featuring the all-new POT O SILVER DX™ Coin Pusher for 2021!
An exclusive ITNA product to be found nowhere else!

Whether or not you are looking for a way to INCREASE YOUR CASH FLOW in your business, or if you want an incredibly unique and EXTREMELY COOL coin pusher to place in your business, or even your home, the all-new POT O SILVER DX is the latest and greatest coin pusher for 2021!
What makes this all-new POT O SILVER DX for 2021? New, attractive cabinet graphics and LED lightings and that entices players to start pumping coins into the machine. Additionally, sound, 4-channel wheels, ability to add other accessories such as ticket dispenser, coin hopper for HIGH EARNING locations, special tilt alarm to keep those cheaters from stealing your cash and more!
For business such as but not limited to; night clubs, truck stops, convenient stores, vale-shops one can expect HEAVY BAGS of coins each day.
For the homeowner who already has an arcade machine, a pinball machine, a slot machine, a gaming table, or a jukebox, what could you be missing now to complete your home gaming environment? It’s simple, you need this all-new one-of-a-kind POT O SILVER DX coin pusher.
It is already set up to ACCEPT US quarters. Likewise, if you plane to use it for prize redemption, it can accept most quarter-size game tokens, add the optional ticket dispenser to pay-back winning with tickets to redeem for prizes!
Time the coin drop in the wheel channel to fall into the desired lane in the upper playfield.
Game features:
• Accepts US Coins (Quarters)
• Can accept quarter size tokens
• Includes “Skill Stop” button (Stops the wheel from spinning)
• Plays music and sound
• Attractive LED lighting
• 4-channel Skill Wheels
• Skill Stop Button
• Tilt Alarm
• Oversized Coin Tub (Because you’ll probably need the EXTRA COIN STORAGE!)
• Ticket Dispenser

Available options:
• Coin Hopper
• T-Handle Lock
• Prize Topper
• Made in U.S.A.
• Power: 110 volts
• Height: 57 inches H
• Depth: 26 inches D
• Width: 28 inches H
• Approx. Weight: 250 lbs.

If you are interested in learning more or about purchasing the POT O SILVER DX coin pusher visit the exclusive US distributor: